Piscine hors sol ronde

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The round steel swimming pool is a swimming pool with a rigid metal structure (galvanized steel). This type of swimming pool the advantage of being resistant, easy to install and affordable. In this section, discover our different round-shaped steel swimming pool models. They are available in different sizes and colors to meet your swimming desires and needs.

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An above ground metal swimming pool is a prefabricated pool with a rigid structure, the wall of which is made of steel galvanized (anti-corrosion). It offers many advantages. We explain which ones to you.

An easy-to-install swimming pool

Prefabricated and delivered with all the equipment necessary for their installation, round steel swimming pools do not do not require the intervention of a professional to be assembled.

Simply attach the steel wall to a rail. Everything is installed in a round shape. This is what gives it its shape to the pelvis. Both ends of the metal roller (the wall) are closed with screws. Then you have to cover inside the pool with a liner and secure it. The liner will help ensure the watertightness of the pool. The structure of the basin includes pre-cut parts which allow the parts to be sealed to be easily installed. Finally, it is necessary to mount posts and profiles which allow the structure to be permanently maintained.

A resistant swimming pool

Steel above-ground swimming pools also have the advantage of being resistant. So they can stay in your garden all year round (unlike free-standing above-ground swimming pools). The metal used for the wall is galvanized, in other words anti-corrosion. In addition, our models have a 2-year warranty on their structure, liner and filtration.

An affordable swimming pool

At Distripool, we offer round steel swimming pools from 449 euros. Depending on size prices can go up to 1,500 euros. The cost of this type of swimming pool remains lower than that of a above ground wooden swimming pool. It is therefore a great alternative for those who wish to have a swimming pool in their garden all year round, at a lower cost.

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