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Creating a custom spa means being able to choose your covering materials, your colors, and create an original shape. Obtain perfect integration. Define the equipment suitable for massage, invigorating or gentle. All the advantages of tailor-made for complete well-being. Discover some examples of spa kits here. Custom quote on request.

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How to build your concrete spa?

Create your custom concrete spa at your home, it means being able to choose your construction materials, the coating, the color of the water, the type of massage, in short a concrete spa that suits you.

Imagine: when you come home from work, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of your spa at home.

In this guide, we will present the different construction materials (concrete or polystyrene), the different coating possibilities as well as the different types of massage: venturi or air, tonic or gentle.|| |

Images, diagrams and texts are the property of DISTRIPOOL.

jacuzzi beton design

Come and discover our concrete jacuzzi kits on our online sales site. Here are some examples online. Distripool offers you a tailor-made quote for the project you want.

The structure of your spa: concrete or polystyrene?

In this guide, we will take the example of standard interior dimensions of:

2.00 x 2.00 x 1.00 m H which can accommodate 8 people. But all shapes and sizes are possible and achievable.

There are 2 possibilities regarding the construction of the structure: thetraditional concrete or thepolystyrene formwork block| ||1373

spa-rond-en-kit-mosaique Schema 3D spa 200x200 _ global

1) Spas made of polystyrene blocks.

The jacuzzi made of polystyrene formwork blocks will offer you several weight advantages:

- A simple, light structure and very quick to assemble = like a LEGO

- The concrete filling implemented in one go.

- Cutting and positioning the parts to be sealed and piping is very easy and very quick.

- The isothermal function of the blocks ensures energy savings (electric heater).

- The very simple installation of a liner (type Alkorplan Vernis 2010/3010), the possibilities of colors and prints, the softness to the touch (presence of a felt underneath) and ease of maintenance.

This industrialized jacuzzi has a significant drawback, the liner imposes a maximum permanent temperature of 33°C. Please note that the temperature of the bit is 33°C to 25°C (ambient temperature). It is true that the traditional concrete jacuzzi allows a temperature of 38°C.

BLOCKS OF 25 x 25 x 100 cm / 50 cm / 25 cm and Radius = 25 cm

This insulating structure is assembled very simply by assembly.

Bloc Dr _100x25x25 Bloc Dr _50x25x25 Bloc Dr _25x25x25 Bloc Angle _R25


spa beton polystyrene


If you would like to know more you can consult ourpolystyrene block swimming pool instructions. A spa remains a small swimming pool.


Polystyrene makes it easier to cut out the parts to be sealed and the spa nozzles

2) The jacuzzi with concrete block or concrete block structure

Traditionally, we make our jacuzzi in concrete for the many possibilities of shapes and possible coverings. But it requires serious knowledge of masonry. The example that we offer in this part (forming blocks 25 x 25 x 50 or 20 x 20 x 50 cm, corresponds to 2 possibilities of creation, but 2 implementation techniques. We recommend using the block technique to form for concrete coverings (mosaic, coating, paint) For the liner, you can possibly use the traditional concrete block technique (less expensive in concrete)

See concrete swimming pool kit instructions to find out more| ||1467

Blocs de 25 x 25 x 50 cm

The interior dimensions being 2.00 x 2.00 x 1.02 m (2 cm level), the jacuzzi structure will therefore include 104 classic blocks, as well only 16 corner blocks.



Blocks of 20 x 20 x 50 cm

The interior dimensions being 2.00 x 2.00 x 1.02 m (2 cm level), the structure of jacuzzi will therefore have 124 classic blocks, as well as 20 corner blocks.



Which covering to choose for concrete spa?

Liner covering for concrete or polystyrene jacuzzi

For polystyrene spa/jacuzzi, only the liner provides waterproofing. In addition to the fact that with its structure, you do not have to make a coating, the installation of the liner covering could not be simpler.

imprime-ardoise2 imprime-ardoise7

- Felt for swimming pools, treated with additives natural antibacterials and antifungal/antimycotic metal ions, is previously glued (spray glue) to the inside of the structure = shockproof, biological protection, gives a pleasant touch to the covering:

feutrine-liner colle-spray-feutre-liner feutrine-piscine-pose-pas


- The hanging rails of the liner are simply installed by dowel fixing on the level, before gluing the copings:

accrochage-liner-hung profile-accrochage-liner-hung

- The liner, made to measure, is equipped (welded on the port) with a hanging profile that the we insert it in the hanging rail which we insert in the hanging rail under the coping, and a finishing blocking rod ends up unmasking the profile:


- The cuts of the parts to be sealed are easily made on site (we install the flange and gaskets, and we cut inside on the extra liner), and the seal is therefore achieved by 2 gaskets tightened by a flange.

The liner covering offers a wide range of solid colors but also prints from the latest architectural trends. In addition, the liners that we supply are Alkorplan membrane liners - Subsidiary of the RENOLIT group - In VERNIS 2010 / 3010 version.

Discover our collection of liner on 



Some photos of the latest trends for your jacuzzi spa!


Covering for concrete structure jacuzzi

For this type of bare structure, all coverings, allowing waterproofing, are possible. We can therefore install:

- Mosaic with water-repellent coating / glass enamels

- Water-repellent finishing coating (sillico-marble type)

- Painting resinated (special for swimming pools) with coating water repellent

- Varnished liner with treated felt (Maximum water temperature 33°C)


Regarding mosaics and finishing coatings, you need to have knowledge and a certain know-how to embark on this type of work. This cost is higher than liner or paint but the choice is unlimited! You can choose all the trends.

Discover our ERAZZI mosaics at

spa jacuzzi beton mosaique noir 2 .spa jacuzzi beton mosaique noir

spa jacuzzi beton erazzi

For resin-based paints, we strongly recommend making a water-repellent coating, under the layers of paint, but this requires using a paint compatible with water-repellent coatings: not all jacuzzi paints are, the one we sell is yes