Spa spare parts

In this section, discover our spare parts for spas. They include equipment essential to the proper functioning of your spa. These spare parts allow you to replace worn elements or are added to the spa to optimize its performance. Each spare part has its own function. At Distripool, we offer you:

- Circulation pumps;
- Massage pumps;
- “Blower” pumps;
- Electric heaters;
- Electronic equipment;
- Ozonators;
- Cartridge filters

Most spa models are sold as a kit. In other words, with all the equipment necessary for its installation and proper operation. But sometimes, particularly in the event of breakdowns or wear of the equipment, it is necessary to replace certain parts. Also, it happens that certain equipment is not included in the kit. In this case, it is necessary to add certain spare parts to optimize the use of your hot tub. This is why we offer spare parts for spas sold separately.

Circulation pumps

Thecirculation pump (sometimes called filtration pump) ensures good hygiene in your spa. In fact, it allows the water in your spa to circulate to prevent it from stagnating and, above all, to pass it through the filtration system in order to keep it clean and healthy.

The spa pumps massage

Themassage pump ensures the proper functioning of your spa's hydromassage system. In fact, it is what allows the massage nozzles to be supplied with a powerful jet of water. Different models are available in single-speed or two-speed.


Theelectric heateris a part that allows you to heat the water in your spa. This heating system is essential if you install your spa outdoors and to maintain the water at the right temperature. For choose a heater, check its power. It must be adapted to the volume of water in the spa.

“Blower” pumps

Theblower(or blower in French) is a pump that blows air into your spa via the aerojets. This creates small bubbles in the water for a relaxing effect. The blower should not be confused with the massage pump which powers the massage nozzles (or hydrojets). Note: some hydrojets are equipped with a venturi system which allows air to be added to the water jets to increase their power and thus benefit from an invigorating massage.

Electronic parts

The operation of a spa is based on various electronic elements:

- Thecontrol box: it allows the complete management of the different elements of your spa (pumps, heater, ozonator)
- Theelectronic card: this is a printed circuit which allows powering and operating the different spa equipment via the control box.
- The control keyboard: it allows you to manage the different functionalities of your spa (temperature, lights, jet activation).


The ozonator is an automatic generator of natural disinfectant (based on ozone). It allows you to clean and purify your spa water. This equipment allows you to reduce the amount of chemicals used for maintaining your hot tub.

Cartridge filters:

Thecartridge filteris a filtration system that effectively filters water of your spa. He is composed of a filter cartridge (made of plant fibers or synthetic materials). For efficiency optimal performance of the filter, the cartridge must be regularly cleaned and changed. Do not hesitate to contact the Distripool experts for any questions relating to these spare parts or equipment for your spa.