Margelle pour piscine : travertin, pierre reconstituée

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In this section, find all our models of swimming pool copings. At Distripool, we we offer in particular reconstituted stone copings. These products are designed specifically for swimming pools and are therefore very resistant. We work with the Dalle de France brand, whose factory is located in the Lyon region and which uses raw materials of French origin

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Pool coping: what is it?

The copings are slabs of a particular shape which constitute the edge of the pool on its periphery. They are essential for dressing the surroundings of the swimming pool. But above all, they have a protective role. From one On the other hand, their rounded shape on the edge (inner side of the pool) allows you to climb out of the water without To hurt you. On the other hand, they protect your pool from dirt. In fact, the copings stop the water rain flowing from the pool deck into the pool. Finally, the copings play the role of wave breakers.


The different coping materials

Among the materials used for swimming pool copings, there are two categories:

- The copings made from natural materials: they are made of natural stone (marble, granite, sandstone) or wood natural. They are expensive, require special maintenance, but offer high results. range ;
- Prefabricated copings: they can be made of composite wood or reconstituted stone, concrete molded, terracotta, etc. They are affordable, durable and imitate noble materials very well. In Plus, there is a wide choice of shapes and colors, to suit everyone's tastes.

Selection criteria for quality copings

To be sure of purchasing quality copings, check their properties. They must:

- Be non-slip to prevent slips and falls when wet;
- Be smooth, to walk on them barefoot without risk;
- Avoir une forme et une surface qui ne présentent pas d’angles vifs, sur la partie intérieure du bassin ;
- Be frost-proof (the materials must resist frost and negative temperatures);
- Be heat resistant to avoid the risk of burns.

The installation of the copings:

The copings are installed so as to form a paving around a in-ground swimming pool. They must be
perfectly aligned inside the pool. Generally, they protrude a few centimeters (2 to 4
centimeters) above the water surface and are elevated. This helps limit the chop of the waves and
makes it easier for bathers to handle the water. Outside the pool, on the terrace side, the alignment may present
irregularities, depending on the shape and type of copings chosen.

The copings stick or become seal on a concrete slab (called chaining) and are held together by
a joint of approximately 1 centimeter. Before being fixed, they must be dusted and moistened underneath

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