Pool filtration: in-ground or above-ground swimming pool

You Would you like to equip your swimming pool with efficient filtration? On Distripool, find all the equipment necessary for the installation of your pond's filtration system. We offer a wide range of filters (cartridge filter, sand filters, filtration groups), pumps and filtration boxes. You will thus be able to have a complete and effective system to eliminate dirt present in the water of your pool and keep the water clean and clear

Le filtre à sable

The sand filter consists of a tank filled with sand which will wash. The effectiveness of this system is linked to the fineness of the sand. On average, the filtration fineness of the sand filter is between 30 to 40 microns.

The sand filter is an effective and affordable filtering system. It fits all swimming pools and can filter large quantities of water. To choose your sand filter correctly, you must purchase a model whose tank volume corresponds to the size of your swimming pool.

The cartridge filter

The cartridge filter consists of a cylinder in which a filter cartridge (made of plant fibers or synthetic materials) is located. Its filtration quality depends on the quality of the filter cartridge and the water flow rate of the pump. On average, the filtration fineness is between 15 and 30 microns.

The cartridge filter is a very efficient and inexpensive filter system. It is especially suitable for small pools and spas and requires regular cleaning of the cartridges (which must be replaced frequently because their lifespan is limited).

To choose your cartridge filter, check that the volume of water in your pool corresponds to the filtration rate of the pump and the cartridge filter. Finally, pay special attention to the cartridge.

The filtration group

A filtration unit is made up of a pump and a filter, often sand or cartridge. It is an all-in-one element, the pool pump and the filter are inseparable. The quality of filtration depends on the filter chosen and the criteria mentioned above.

The filtration unit is installed outside the pool and plugs into an electrical outlet.

It adapts perfectly to self-supporting, tubular or kit swimming pools. To choose it, make sure that the volume of water in your pool corresponds to the treatment capacity of the system.

Monoblock filtration

Monoblock filtration replaces in a single block: the filter, the skimmer, the delivery system, the pump and the technical room of traditional installations. The filtration block is placed at the level of the partially submerged coping, below the water level. Thus, it can be added to the swimming pool even after its construction.

Which pump should I choose for my swimming pool?

In general, a filtration system must be installed when your pool is built. The filtration pump sucks up dirty water and rejects clean water into the pool via parts to be sealed. Its power must be chosen according to the volume of the pool, but also the type of filter used and the hydraulic network of the system, so that the pressure is sufficient for the filtration system to be effective.

Zoom on the filtration box

The filtration box allows you to program the filtration of your swimming pool. Depending on the product chosen, you have several possible options: adjustment of filtration times, operation at predefined intervals and duration ranges, economical, etc. This system is placed in the technical room. To choose your equipment and install your swimming pool filtration system, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Distripool. They will be able to advise you on the products most suitable for your swimming pool.

Filtration and plumbing diagram

With booster

schema local technique Filtration avec doseur brome en ligne

With bromine doser BY PASS (OFF LINE)

schema local technique Filtration avec traitement au sel BY PASS

AFNOR standard: Hydraulic network

Norme AFNOR reseau filtration

To have good water quality in your swimming pool, in addition to chemical treatment, you should use a filtration system. This consists of various pieces of equipment, including a pump and a filter. Explanations.

How does a swimming pool filtration system work?


The filtration system helps maintain the good quality of the water, by filtering the dirt present there (such as leaves, insects, etc.). How exactly does it work?

The filtration circuit is made up of a pump and a filter hydraulically connected to the pool: the pool water and its impurities are sucked up by the skimmers using the filtration pump . They are then sent to the filter, which retains the dirt. Finally, the clean water is returned to the basin by means of a discharge nozzle. In addition, an electrical box is placed in the technical room. It allows you to adjust the system and check its operation.

The different swimming pool filtration models

To filter the water in your pool, there are several types of filters and filtration systems, including:

• The sand filter
• The cartridge filter
• The filtration group
• The one-piece filter…

Swimming pool filtration technical diagram:

Schema general filtration piscine

Technical local plumbing diagram:

Simple filtration without option:

local technique piscine FILTRATION SIMPLE

Filtration with booster:| ||1206

schema local technique Filtration avec supresseur

Normes AFNOR : Groupe de filtration

Norme AFNOR groupe filtration