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The electric pool robot allows you to automate the cleaning of your pool and thus fully benefit from clean and watery water. clear. Dolphin pool robots are renowned for their robustness, as well as their durability. Distripool has selected the best products from the range of this leading brand, so that you can find the model corresponding to the configuration of your swimming pool.

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Discover our different electric pool robots from the Dolphin brand, for efficient cleaning of your pool.

Dolphin technology for reliable and thorough cleaning

The Dolphin electric pool robot is a concentrate of technology and mechanics which operates independently of the filtration system. Dolphin offers sophisticated options to meet your needs based on your pond. It works on all types of swimming pools, in-ground or above-ground. To obtain and permanently maintain crystal clear water thanks to automated maintenance that provides you with all the comfort, Dolphin has developed high-end devices. Its robots guarantee efficient cleaning, with effortless handling and intuitive start-up with the greatest simplicity.

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The choice of programs:

You can opt for a programmable robot with several cleaning cycles. You will thus alternate between a brief routine wash or a more in-depth program in case of specific needs. It's up to you to organize yourself according to the condition of your pool, as well as the time you have available.

All you need is an electrical outlet to start your robot. It then completes its task without you having to intervene. Your device can also be operated remotely, thanks to a connection and remote control from your smartphone (DOLPHIN E40 model)

Comprehensive cleaning of all surfaces

Dolphin has implemented point a range that meets all pool configurations. Its robots perform all cleaning, brushing and filtering functions, leaving no corners unturned. The first functionality of the robot is to filter the water in your pool by vacuuming it to remove all impurities. Its other task is to activate its brushes which remove unwanted deposits accumulated at the bottom of the pool. Finally, the robots are designed to climb walls, stairs and beaches to ensure exhaustive cleaning, including the water line. (it all depends on the models)

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Low electrical consumption and safe for users

The objective of Dolphin engineers is also to aim for sobriety for their high-tech robots. It is important that electricity consumption is optimized so as not to increase your energy bill too much. However, performance should not suffer from electrical savings. This is why Dolphin works on a subtle balance between power and consumption.

The pool robot plugs into an electrical outlet on the mains, but its power system includes a transformer which allows to lower the voltage. Thus, thanks to a low voltage 24 volt motor, you run no danger of electrocution.

Selection criteria for your Dolphin robot

Selection of the best robot for your pool is based on four main criteria: the size of your pool, the complexity of its structure, its location and its covering.

1 The size of your pool to calibrate your Dolphin electric robot

The size of your pool determines the power of your device. An under-calibrated robot will take an infinite amount of time to complete its task. Furthermore, not being designed for the work you impose on it, its lifespan will be shortened.

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2 The shape of the pool

A pool whose structure is complex is naturally more complicated to clean and requires more time. Think about the irregularities of the bottom, stairs, beaches, obstacles, asymmetrical shapes with angles and recesses, etc.

To guarantee quality cleaning for a complex structure, your robot must have technology advanced which allows it to optimize its navigation, its grip and the performance of its brushing, whatever the surfaces it must cover.


3 The location of your swimming pool

Observe the degree of pollution to which your swimming pool is exposed. It naturally appears less if it is in a sheltered place or indoors. It then has nuances depending on the region in which you live, as well as your environment. The most frequent nuisances are due to the wind which carries all kinds of debris, to more or less frequent rain, to trees which can sow flowers and pollen in spring, then their leaves in autumn, etc. Consider other factors that degrade your water quality: wind-blown sand in coastal areas, bird droppings, etc.

Choose your Dolphin model based on the pollution that you have listed.

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4 The coating of your pool

Last essential element for the selection of your robot : the covering of your pool. The robot is equipped with brushes of different types to remove dirt that has stuck to the walls, before vacuuming it.

The quantity of impurities that accumulate varies depending on the degree of roughness the covering of your pool: polyester shell, PVC membrane, liner, smooth tiling, enamels, concrete, coating, paint, etc. The more irregular and rough it is, the more easily the dirt lodges, the more difficult it is to dislodge and the more efficient your brush must be. A smooth covering is easily cleaned with foam brushes, while a rougher surface will require a brush with pins or PVC blades.

On the other hand, if your covering sticks to dirt, it Your entire pool suffers, which means that you will absolutely need a robot capable of climbing all walls and surfaces.


The E Line range from Dolphin

Distripool a sélectionné plusieurs robots issus de la gamme E Line de chez Dolphin. Vous pouvez ainsi trouver le robot qui correspond à vos critères. Quel que soit votre choix, si votre robot est bien calibré en fonction de votre bassin, vous avez la garantie d’acquérir un dispositif fiable, durable et performant.

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All robots are guaranteed for 2 years. Subsequently, the manufacturer provides quality after-sales service. If you experience a breakdown or break your device (by dropping it for example), Dolphin ensures continuity of service. This means that the company undertakes to continue to ensure the repair of its products and the delivery of spare parts, including after the end of the manufacturer's warranty.

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Distripool has also chosen to a partnership with Dolphin, because the brand offers a very advantageous quality/price ratio. The acquisition of a swimming pool robot is an investment that must be profitable through years of good and loyal service, guaranteeing high-end performance.

The designers of the E Line range from Dolphin have is evolving their models so that they consume as little electricity as possible, but also that they become lighter and easier to handle. You have no difficulty putting them in the water, then removing them for storage.


Finally, the cleaning quality of all E Line models is optimal. The robots use cutting-edge brushing technologies to ruthlessly remove buildup of algae, bacteria and other dirt. The perfect grip of the robot and its brushes guarantees perfect cleaning, while the advanced autonomous filtration system removes all the impurities that contaminate the water to make it crystal clear.


Refer to our table comparison to better understand the differences between the different models in the Dolphin E Line range. We naturally remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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