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Need an inflatable spa to take advantage of the comfort of a jacuzzi at home? With Distripool, your dream becomes a reality. Our online store offers models from Bestway, a reference brand for this range of products. Bubble spa, square spa, jet spa, round spa In this guide, we dive into the heart of Bestway inflatable spas. Advantages, variations, operation... these elements will certainly allow you to make a better purchase.

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Why choose a Bestway inflatable spa?

For several years, the inflatable spa has been on the rise. It represents an inexpensive solution for optimal relaxation inside or outside the home. It is a less expensive alternative to a conventional swimming pool. Garden, terrace, interior... be sure that your jacuzzi will fit into all spaces and all configurations. The fact that it can be dismantled in no time at all is a major advantage.

If the Bestway inflatable spa is now the darling of many, it is because of its price. In addition, an inflatable jacuzzi provides the same feeling of well-being as a classic spa. We also note that the installation of this product is childishly easy. However, the spa must be placed in a suitable location with a smooth and flat floor.

A few minutes are enough to inflate it and fill it with water. Unlike a traditional spa that is fixed directly, the inflatable spa can be easily transported from one place to another. We love it for its practicality.

Inflatable jacuzzis to satisfy all desires

Before installing a spa at home or in your garden, first think about choosing it carefully. As you will have understood, there are many models on the market. There is the built-in spa which is a high-end choice. This spa is buried in the ground.

Its edges are not visible. It is also important to note their ease of access. You can also choose the free-standing spa, which is very popular at the moment. While most appear in the form of a rigid chassis, models installed outdoors will be clad in wood or composite materials.

Due to their height, this type of spa will perfectly ensure the safety of young children. The semi-recessed spa is another form of inflatable spa. It is the ideal compromise between built-in and free-standing models. Regardless of the model chosen, you will have the choice between various sizes and materials that you can find in our selection of Bestway inflatable spas of all kinds. Many materials are available: wood, leather, woven pattern, etc. As for the shape, it can be round, square, rectangular or octagonal.

Inflatable spa: how does it work?

The inflatable spa operates similar to that of a classic jacuzzi. This device is equipped with a pump capable of filtering the water in the pool. The pool is combined with the product control panel and requires the use of the spa filtration cartridge. This helps retain microparticles as well as waste found in the water.

This should however be replaced regularly in case of intensive use. It is also important to note that the inflatable spa has a heating system to provide hot water to users. This system is based on an electrical resistance which will be directly incorporated into the technical block of the device. A heating system can heat the water between 1.5 and 2°C every hour.

How to maintain an inflatable spa?

It is important to allocate special time to the maintenance of your swimming pool, just like to the maintenance of your inflatable spa. It is advisable to do this at a regular pace in order to optimize the longevity of your pool. To do this, you must carry out not only the physical cleaning of the spa, but also the filtration and disinfection of the water.

Maintenance of a Bestway inflatable spa like theLay-Z-Spa® Milan Airjet Plus, requires above all cleaning the pool and the structure of the jacuzzi, since this can be one of the ways in which the water becomes contaminated. To clean the structure of the device, do not hesitate to vacuum the bottom of the pool and brush the water line using a disinfectant product. It is also important to empty the water from your spa at least twice a month. Furthermore, water filtration and disinfection are two aspects to take into account when maintaining an inflatable jacuzzi. Water filtration is generally done every day, otherwise you risk ending up with green or cloudy water. Also remember to replace the filtration cartridge otherwise your efforts will be wasted.

Maintenance of your inflatable spa will allow you to keep it and use it for several years without the slightest problem, so don't neglect this step!