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The swimming pool filter cartridge allows you to effectively filter the water in your swimming pool. Particularly suitable for small pools and spas, the cartridge filter allows you to capture impurities in the water and reinject clean water clear in the swimming pool. At Distripool, several models of cartridge filter, replacement cartridge but also filtration pocket are available.

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To have good water quality in your swimming pool, you must combine chemical treatment (chlorine, bromine) with a good filtration system. Among those existing on the market, we find the cartridge filter.

What exactly is a cartridge filter?

A cartridge filter consists of a cylinder in which a filter cartridge (made of plant fibers or synthetic materials) is located. The operation of this filtration system is very simple. The water loaded with impurities is sucked up by the skimmers using a pump. It then passes into the filter where it is cleaned using the filter cartridge (which retains impurities). Then, the clean water is reinjected into the basin using a discharge nozzle.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cartridge filter

The cartridge filter is a very efficient and precise filtration system. Its filtration quality is also superior to that of sand filters. Depending on the quality of the filter cartridge, the filtration fineness varies from 15 to 30 microns. This type of filter is especially suitable for small pools and spas, because it has a fairly low water flow. But there are still models dedicated to large swimming pools. The main disadvantage of the cartridge filter is its maintenance. It must be very regular, because the cartridge gets dirty quickly. On average, it should be cleaned once or twice a week.

How to choose a cartridge filter?

Before purchasing a cartridge filter for your swimming pool, be aware that the performance of the filter depends on the water flow rate of the pump. Carefully check the compatibility between the volume of water in your pool and the filtration flow rate of this type of system. In general, it is very suitable for small pools. Finally, pay particular attention to the cartridge: the tighter the folds, the finer and therefore better the filtration will be. The material of the cartridge (plant fibers or synthetic materials) can also affect the quality of filtration. Do not hesitate to contact the Distripool experts for any questions relating to cartridge filters or for any other information on swimming pool filters.