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Laboratoire Delrieu develops pure dermo-cosmetic formulas, without artifice and without unnecessary chemistry, but with specific active ingredients . In constant innovation, each year the forms of protection against the effects of the sun and against other factors that damage the skin, such as pollution, visible light or blue light, are improved.

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Laboratoire Delrieu's sun creams are pioneers in sun protection, because they protect the skin against ultraviolet A and B rays (UV-A and UV-B), but also against infrared A, one of the main causes of premature aging.

Daily use sunscreens for all skin types

Innovative and hydrating textures, easily absorbed, ideal for the whole family. Laboratoire Delrieu sun creams offer high and very high protection that helps prevent premature aging of the skin, sun spots and possible skin diseases. Sun creams for the face and body, after-sun care to soothe skin dried out by the sun, find all the essential cosmetics to take care of your skin all year round.

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A whole range of products to protect your skin from sun damage

Laboratoire Delrieu offers you a wide range of products specially developed to help you take care of your skin. Combine sun protection and pleasure with products from the sublimating range with Monoï de Tahiti, a dry oil and a glitter oil that will transport you to a paradise island in an instant. And because the environment is one of Laboratoire Delrieu's major commitments, discover certified organic sun creams.

Laboratoire Delrieu is committed to:



A brand committed to skin health, with safe formulas and high skin tolerance. Each solar product is tested to ensure optimal safety for everyone, young and old.


Laboratoire Delrieu is a brand that aims to be easy to understand, use and recommend, which uses clear language and makes life easier for those who trust it. We also develop sun protection products that are pleasant to use.


In each of our products, we use the active ingredients in their effective dose so that the product fulfills its mission. We avoid unnecessary ingredients to focus on the essential: unstoppable sun protection.


We have a spirit of innovation, in processes, in manufacturing, in anticipation to offer solutions and innovate in the field of sun protection. Our desire stems from a constant search for excellence.