Our safety devices for the swimming pool

On Distripool, we provide you with safety devices of very good quality which meet all the mandatory standards in force. You can buy an automatic shutter, a bar cover, apool fence, a shelter or even an alarm on our website!

And for protective equipment, trust our team to guide you in your purchase. Our team of specialists will be happy to answer you. And our experience of more than 30 years guarantees you quality service and high-performance products at low prices.

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Pool safety: legislation

Since January 1, 2006, certain safety devices are mandatory for in-ground and semi-buried swimming pools. buried. Obviously, these devices must meet certainNF standards:

couverture piscine securite

  • NF P90-306 for swimming pool barriers and fences
  • NF P90-308 pour les bâches
  • NF P90-306 for shelters
  • NF P90-306 for alarms

In addition to these safety devices , you must also adopt good reflexes: do not leave children unsupervised near the swimming pool.


securite abri piscine

protection cloture piscine


Pool safety for your children

If you wish to build an in-ground or semi-buried swimming pool -buried in your garden, you will have to equip it with safety devices: this is important to guarantee the safety of the members of your family, so that the swimming pool remains a pleasure above all!

C' is obvious to all of us, the safety of children is the top priority. Your swimming pool project must remain a source of joy and good times with your family. The same goes for animals who could put themselves in danger if the protection of your swimming area is not guaranteed.

Several choices are available to you. And as always at Distripool, all our equipment meets very demanding quality standards.

You can first purchase aroller shutter for your swimming pool. A very aesthetic solution, an automatic shutter adapts to your pool and remains very discreet. In addition, it has a dual function. Firstly, it protects the water in your pool and avoids impurities, leaves, and maintains the temperature. Thermal insulation allows you to enjoy pleasant water even before the peak season. Next, and most importantly, it is safety and protective equipment for your swimming pool. Once in place, there is no risk of accidental falling into the water. Practical, aesthetic, and completely secure, the roller shutter can be automatic or manual. Of course, these models comply with AFNOR regulations and standards.

Automatic shutters are a concentrate of technology. You can power it for example with solar energy. This will allow you to save on your electricity bill. As an option, on certain equipment you can control them directly from your smartphone. In stainless steel and aluminum, the shutters that we offer are very durable over time.


Then you can choose abar cover to protect your swimming pool. Here too, a range of products with several roles to preserve your budget. This will allow you to keep your water clean. And therefore less time spent cleaning for you. But above all, great comfort for the mind with optimal security for the whole family and your guests. Very easy to set up, you can roll it up or down in a few moments. You can also automate it to gain comfort. As always, this equipment meets the standards in force on the safety of private swimming pools in France.

We can also advise you on thepool alarm. This high-performance protective equipment is triggered as soon as an unexpected movement occurs in your pool. By constantly analyzing water activity, it allows rapid intervention in the event of a fall. We recommend a security alarm in addition to other equipment. During the day, the alarm is sufficient for the protection of all. For the night, you can double your equipment with a tarpaulin with bars or a shutter for greater peace of mind.

In addition, theremovable or transparent barriers will adapt perfectly to your project. Transparent fences in particular are very discreet and easily integrate into your exterior. Get peace of mind with high-performance equipment. With their regulatory height, the removable ones are very practical on a daily basis. You can install and remove it very easily.
protection cloture piscine filet
Finally discover thepool shelters in a French-made kit. If you are a handyman, you can make this choice which also allows you to swim even when the weather is not good. These protection kits are simple to install and very economical. For certain models, you can choose the orientation according to time.

The movable floor is a very functional and effective safety element for your pool. It allows you to adjust the depth of your pool and is particularly suitable for small spaces. So, you can transform your space into a paddling pool for the safety and enjoyment of little ones.

In the same vein, the mobile terrace is an astonishingly ingenious piece of equipment. Safety equipment par excellence, it transforms into a terrace or a beach. Comfort, elegance, innovation, it is an original and functional way to secure your swimming space