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Are you looking for lighting for your swimming pool? Do you want to benefit from products that are both reliable and inexpensive? Distripool presents its very complete range of LED lamps for swimming pools:

An LED lamp to personalize your swimming pool

In the Distripool online store, you can find an ever more complete range of LED swimming pool lamps. These allow you to effectively personalize your pool by adding a personalized touch that suits you. With the pool lighting of your choice, your nighttime swims will be more numerous!

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Projecteur à visser GAIA 2 - CCEI

GAIA 2 screw-in projector - CCEI

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Discount prices

Our selection of swimming pool lighting is offered to you at the best prices on the market. Our goal ? Providing you with products that are economical, efficient and meet your expectations!

Exceptional lifespan

All of our LED pool lights are guaranteed to have a very long lifespan. In this way, we offer you reliable products over the long term. Add to this very low power consumption and you will get truly economical pool lighting!

The different LED swimming pool lighting

Several lighting available: cold white, warm white, colors. Everyone has their own atmosphere.

different eclairage LED piscine

The advantages of LED lighting for swimming pools

- Reduced power consumption: 300 to 40W.
- Increased lifespan compared to incandescent
- Comfort of selection thanks to different lighting, finishes and different types of installations
- Comfort of use: remote control via remote controls, SmartPhone etc...

avantage LED technologie piscine

The different types of installation

- La niche PAR56 : le standard avec un gros marché de rénovation
- The 1"1/2 crossing: generally used on shell swimming pools and above-ground swimming pools.
- Support Mural : Un marché spécifique.

installation type lampe led piscine

SeaMaid: The essential LED lamp brand!


With its external design office, Seamaid offers a very important innovation policy. Listening to market needs, SeaMaid is constantly developing product quality. Many new products arrive regularly in their collection. Moreover, the Seamaid brand received the innovation prize in the “swimming pool lighting” section in 2012, 2014 and 2016. You may be wondering why choose Seamaid?

1 The quality and resistance of the lamps: Designed by polycarbonate injection, the lamps have very high resistance to shock, heat and attacks from chemical products.
2 Reliability: Each lamp is TUV approved and has a 2-year warranty. Moreover, Seamaid after-sales service manages less than 1% after-sales service return.
3 Simplicity of installation and use: Without tools or specific equipment, installation is child's play. Watch our product installation videos.


The SEAMAID 2019 PDF catalog

You would like to discover the SeaMAID swimming pool and garden lighting collection, click on the image below.

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Safety rules and installation of swimming pool lighting.

Installing an LED swimming pool lamp requires compliance with the same safety rules as a halogen spotlight. SeaMAID LED lights are manufactured to operate at a maximum voltage of 12V in compliance with EN60598-2-18.

schema projecteur piscine coffret lampe led

projecteur seamaid preco 1

You mustalways ensure that the connection of the projector power cables is perfectly waterproof(presence of water between the terminals = Irreversible damage not guaranteed)

projecteur seamaid preco 2

Always se serve as a connector guaranteeing absolute contact of the the electric cables. Check the perfect tightness of the connection by favoring IP68 connectors or by adding insulating gel in the connection box.(presence of water in the case = Irreversible damage not guaranteed)

projecteur seamaid preco 3

You must absolutely connect your projector to a transformerdouble winding safety insulator having a voltage of approximately 12 Volts (Voltage not respected = Irreversible damage not guaranteed)

Assembly videos of our SeaMAID LED lamps