Vanne 6 voies pour filtre à sable piscine

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Here is our range of multi-way valves which include different models of valves such as the 6-way valve, the 5-way valve and other models. We can offer you valves from brands such as PENTAIR, HAYWARD or ASTRALPOOL.

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Change the filter valve

You want to changethe valve multi-way of your filter, due totechnical problems or in order to benefit from thelatest innovations in the swimming pool sector, we can offer you a wide choice of 6-way valves in order torepair orimprove|| |1495 votre filtration system swimming pool.

Multi-port valves, what are the differences?

-| ||1505 La 6-way valves, the most common model, is the model with the positions “circulation”, “rinse”, “sewer”, “ washing”, “closed” and “filtration”

- The4-way valve, having neither position “ sewer”, nor “closed” position, will mainly equip above-ground swimming pools.

- The5-way valve, for its part, will not have the “closed” position.|| |1521

- Finally,the 7-way valve will also allow you to have the wintering position (only usable in passive wintering) , which will protect thestar seal by avoiding its compression during this aggressive period for our swimming pools.

So how to choose the valve for your filter?

Here are some tips to help you find the right valve for your filter.

The first thing is to determine if you have aTOP valve (on the top of the filter) or if you have aSIDE valve (i.e. side valve which is located on the side of your filter).

Next, you need to find the brand of the valve. Please note, the brand of the valve is not necessarily identical to that of the filter.

The exact model of the valve is generally written in the instructions for your filter, greatly simplifying the search for your valve.| ||1554

Une fois ce point déterminé, il faudra faire votre choix en fonction des deux critères suivant.

- Changing valve for technical reasons:

In the event that you wish to change your valve because yours is defective, the ideal would be to change to the model corresponding to your filter. However, it is possible that your filtration is too old and that the original valve is no longer available on the market. In this case, we advise you to take the compatible model, if it exists. Otherwise, a filter change will be necessary (see filters).

- Valve change for improve your filtration system:

Innovations in terms of valves allow filtration automation while maintaining your filtration group. Only a valve change will be necessary. (See automatic valves)

Please note, changing a valve for an innovative model like automatic valves is not available and compatible for all filters. OurVRAC Flat valve is only compatible with filters from the same Astralpool brand.

Discover all our brand valves ASTRAL,HAYWARD, orPENTAIR.

Attention, be sure of the compatibility of the valve with your filter because although the dimensions correspond, the screw thread may be different.