Coffret électrique de filtration piscine

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Thanks to this control box, you can program the filtration of your swimming pool. Your filtration will be optimized: adjustment of filtration times, operation at intervals and predefined, economical duration ranges. To enjoy your swimming pool without constraints

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The filtration boxes allow you to program the filtering of your swimming pool water. Depending on the product chosen, you have several possible options: adjustment of filtration times, operation at predefined intervals and duration ranges, economical, etc....

Swimming pool electrical box protection volumes

The dimensions can be measured taking into account the walls and insulating walls interposed.

Volumes 0 and 1: only equipment powered at a nominal voltage less than or equal to 12 V in alternating current, and less than or equal to 30 V in direct current, is permitted. The electrical source of this equipment (e.g.: Projector lighting transformer) will be placed outside volumes 0, 1 and 2.

Volumes 2: one of the following protection measures must be used: power supply by a very low voltage source* - or protection by a differential device less than or equal to 30 mA - or power supply by a separation transformer*.
*Located outside volumes 0, 1 and 2.

norme electrique coffret piscine

Keraonic zone:

Representation of the keraunic level (Nk) by departments. This keraunic level is defined by the number of storm days per year. The lightning strike density (Ng) is defined by the number of lightning strikes per year and per km. It is obtained by dividing Nk by 10.

We therefore advise you to install our electrical boxes withlightning protection



Maximum lengths of copper cable creating a voltage drop of 5%. Maximum admissible values ​​for floodlights powered by 12 V.

section cable coffret piscine

What circuit breaker power for your swimming pool?

This will be determined according to the power of the filtration pump, you must therefore have information on the power of your pump in KW or CV