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Every evening, you must have the same reflex: cover your swimming pool with a bubble cover bubble! On Distripool, we provide you with numerous models equipped with a very good value for money. Why buy a swimming pool bubble cover? The pool bubble cover is also called an insulated cover. Indeed, in the evening, when you do not use your swimming pool, the cover helps keep the water at the right temperature, this which will come in very handy the next day when you want to bathe! This accessory also limits the evaporation of water and keeps this last clean: dirt does not have time to settle on its surface.

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Accessoire bâche à bulle piscine

Pool bubble cover accessory

Bâche à  bulle eco 400 µ BRUT rectangulaire bleu/bleu

Eco bubble cover 400 µ RAW rectangular blue/blue

5,54 €/m²
4.99 €/m²
Bâche à bulle luxe : 4 cotés standard 400µ bleu/bleu

Bâche à bulle luxe : 4 cotés standard 400µ bleu/bleu

  • 3.5/5
2 reviews
7,12 €/m²
6,41 €/m²
Bâche à bulle standard 500µ bleu /bleu : 4 cotés

Bâche à bulle standard 500µ bleu /bleu : 4 cotés

8,18 €/m²
7,36 €/m²
Bâche à bulle luxe 400 µ octogonale bleu/bleu

Bâche à bulle luxe 400 µ octogonale bleu/bleu

  • 4/5
1 review
9,11 €/m²
8,20 €/m²
Bâche à bulle 500µ standard 4 cotés SOL + GUARD - Géobubble

Standard 500µ bubble cover 4 sides SOL + GUARD - Géobubble

  • 5/5
1 review
11,26 €/m²
10,13 €/m²
Bâche à bulle 500µ standard New Energy Guard : 4 cotés

Bâche à bulle 500µ standard New Energy Guard : 4 cotés

  • 5/5
2 reviews
11.40 €/m²
10,26 €/m²
Bâche à bulle luxe : 4 cotés : 500 µ OXO HEAT cristal bleuté

Bâche à bulle luxe : 4 cotés : 500 µ OXO HEAT cristal bleuté

12.85 €/m²| ||1441
11.56 €/m²
Bâche à bulle 500µ octo/hexa SOL+ Guard : 4 cotés

Bâche à bulle 500µ octo/hexa SOL+ Guard : 4 cotés

  • 5/5
2 reviews
12.95 €/m²
11.66 €/m²
 Bâche à bulle hors standard 500µ bleu /bleu : 4 cotés

Bâche à bulle hors standard 500µ bleu /bleu : 4 cotés

  • 4.5/5
2 reviews
12.95 €/m²
11.66 €/m²
Bâche à bulle 500µ hors standard New Energy Guard : 4 cotés

Bâche à bulle 500µ hors standard New Energy Guard : 4 cotés

  • 5/5
1 review
13,11 €/m²
11,80 €/m²
Bâche à bulle luxe : 4 cotés : 500 µ OXO CARE noir

Bâche à bulle luxe : 4 cotés : 500 µ OXO CARE noir

14,29 €/m²|| |1601
12.86 €/m²
Bâche à bulle 500µ Buld’O Energy Guard pour l'été et l'hiver

Bubble cover 500µ BuldO Energy Guard for summer and winter

  • 4/5
2 reviews
21.70 €/m²
19.53 €/m²
Couverture en mousse 5 mm : Bleu/Bleu LUXE

Couverture en mousse 5 mm : Bleu/Bleu LUXE

39.56 €/m²
35,60 €/m²
Enrouleur amovible bâche piscine en bois

Removable wooden pool cover reel

149,00|| |1790 €
Enrouleur bâche à bulle PREMIUM

PREMIUM bubble tarpaulin reel

from: 181,80
Kit moteur pour enrouleur bâche

Motor kit for tarpaulin roller

  • 1/5
1 review
from: 254.36
Enrouleur automatique pour bâche : PRESTIGE

Automatic reel for tarpaulin: PRESTIGE

  • 4/5
5 reviews
from: 473,10

How to choose the ideal bubble cover for your swimming pool?

Distripool works in partnership with two brands of custom bubble covers,GéobulleandOxo, et propose également une gamme de bâche à bulle de piscine économique. Outre le coût, différents critères vous aident à choisir le modèle idéal pour votre bassin.

comment choisir sa bache a bulle piscine

Thickness between 400 and 500 microns

The thicker the pool bubble cover, the more it will maintain the heat of your water. In addition, the thickness constitutes a guarantee of solidity. 400 microns is a minimum, 500 microns is often preferred. Below 400 microns, the cover will be both too light and too fragile, unless your pond is small.

unique-top Evaporation_geobubble-logo-colours-1-1024x1024 heat-retention-icon-geo-logo-colours-1-1024x1024 debris-prevention-icon-geo-logo-colours-1-1

The color of the bubble cover

The interest in the color of the swimming pool bubble cover and its opacity is not only aesthetic, it influences its ability to absorb or reflect solar rays and therefore maintain or not the heat or coolness. Furthermore, color also plays a role in reducing photosynthesis, and therefore on the proliferation of algae.

The more opaque and darker the cover, the more insulated the pool; the more transparent and clear it is, the more the solar rays pass through and heat the water.

coloris bache bulle piscine

The shape of the tarpaulin bubbles

The shape of the bubbles is the criterion on which tarpaulin designers work to optimize their effectiveness. Small cylindrical bubbles are the least relevant, while figure-8 shaped bubbles (as at Géobulle) optimize thermal insulation performance.

The finishing of the custom tarpaulin

To float and be effective, the bubble cover must be cut to size. To maintain it, reinforced edges are recommended. You can also order it raw and take care of fixing its eyelets around the perimeter, using a specific kit.



Géobulle offers a range of woven products. Thanks to this more durable and resistant material, the tailor-made bubble cover is suitable for all types of pools, as well as for all uses, including community or school swimming pools.

The thickness of the Géobulle swimming pool bubble cover is 500 microns, ideal for retaining the heat or freshness of the water depending on your location and the season. You also avoid the consumption of chemicals by protecting your pool, as well as the evaporation of water. Géobulle offers a 6-year guarantee, while you get a return on your investment on average in one year if you add up the maintenance and heating costs that you are saved.

All custom bubble cover models are created with GeoBubble technology ensuring you:

- a patented design with two bubbles joined in the shape of an 8 by an optimizing central section protection ;
- the absence of sharp edges which would create points of weakness;
- smooth, interconnected curves of the bubble to avoid any stress points;
- increased resilience against UV rays and chemical attack.

Distripool offers you 3 specific models of Géobulle custom-made bubble cover.


The pool bubble coverSol+Guard is the most effective for warming the temperature of your water and extending the season of use of your basin by transmitting 80% of solar energy. Depending on your region, the increase will be between 6°C in the North and 8°C in the South. You reduce your energy consumption for heating water and of course the use of chemicals and your robot by avoiding contamination by debris.



The CoolGuard custom bubble cover is intended for the hottest regions, because its objective is to keep your water cool. Thanks to a highly reflective glacial blue surface, the pool is insulated and its water more pleasant during hot weather.


The swimming pool bubble coverEnergyGuard is a winter cover that increases the temperature of your water up to at 7°C, thanks in particular to its midnight blue pigment. The energy thus retained is transmitted into the water which heats up. This filter also inhibits algae growth by absorbing wavelengths that stimulate photosynthesis. EnergyGuard cuts your filtration time in half, thereby lowering your energy and chemical consumption by up to 60%.



logo OXO bulle

Distripool offers you two models from the Oxo brand. The designs of this custom bubble cover manufacturer focus on the shape of the bubbles, according to its slogan "everything matters in the bubble": height, shape, air volume, surface area and thickness. The brand is therefore counting on better insulation of your pool than with an entry-level cover, thanks to better distributed solar dispersion.

The Oxo swimming pool bubble cover is the result of 30 years of French know-how: it is designed, manufactured and packaged in France. Its warranty is 5 years.

Optimal Care

The dark gray pool bubble coverOptimal Care is the most versatile model from Oxo. It offers you excellent protection between light and shadow. You save on heating your water thanks to its solar collector effect, while its protection limits photosynthesis and therefore the formation of algae. You also save on filtration time, use of the pool robot and the addition of chemicals.


Optimal Heat

The Optimal Heat tailor-made bubble cover is recommended for less sunny regions. Pale blue in color, its bubbles are designed to protect your water from debris and algae proliferation, but also to let the sun's rays filter through. You thus benefit from optimal warming. Thanks to this cover, you save on heating and benefit from a longer season during which the water temperature remains pleasant.


Other models of custom-made bubble cover

Distripool offers you other ranges of tailor-made bubble covers to protect your swimming pool. We invite you to click on each model to discover its particularities: blue or transparent color, edged, unedged, positioning of eyelets, thickness of 400 or 500 microns, etc.

How to repair your swimming pool cover?

It happens that your swimming pool bubble cover tears by accident, for example if it gets caught on your ladder or on the winding system, due to a falling branch, etc. It is now possible to repair it, without being an expert, using a specific adhesive.

All you need is some rudimentary tools: a pair of scissors, a tape measure, a terry towel and a cleaning and degreasing solution.

1.Remove the bubble cover from the pool and place it on a flat surface, without any rough edges that could damage it.
2.Measure the length of the damaged part.
3. Carefully clean both sides of the tarpaulin to be repaired and dry them.
4.Cut the adhesive to a length a few centimeters longer than the tear.
5.Tear off the adhesive protection by 5 cm and place the adhesive side on one side of the tear, extending beyond it.
6.Place one hand under the adhesive to remove the protection, while with your other hand you press to adhere your strip.
7.If your tear is at one end of your tarpaulin, fold the excess adhesive onto its other side.


We provide you with bubble covers for swimming pools that are both aesthetic and resistant. You will have the choice between models with a thickness of 400 to 500 ų and between the following colors: blue, silver, gold and even transparent. Do you need help choosing the bubble cover that best suits your pool? Contact our customer service on 04 11 93 04 06: that’s what we’re here for!

Standard summer cover for swimming pool

modele-bache-luxe piscine boismodele-bache-a-bulle-luxemodele-bache-a-bulle

      Wooden swimming pool cover              LUXE shell cover             GEOBULLE shell cover

Advice and advice swimming pool bubble cover maintenance.

Our bubble covers are manufactured as follows: Stainless steel eyelets over a width for the reel, an eyelet at the corners opposite (except economical cover). Delivered with a tarpaulin protection and three bungee cords to put on the cover when it is rolled up.

fabrication bache a bulle

1) Installation of the summer pool cover:

The pool bubble cover is placed on the surface of the water, bubbles in contact with water and smooth side visible.

Advantages: avoids heat losses and evaporation, saving on cleaning products and protects against dirt. The swimming pool bubble cover is not solar heating.

2) High temperatures

Water that remains at a temperature of more than 30°C can reduce the lifespan a tarpaulin.

If the water temperature exceeds 30°C, the tarpaulin must be removed, washed and stored away from the sun.

3) Proper use of chlorine

The swimming pool bubble cover allows the normal chlorine level of the water to be maintained for longer.

Following excessive chlorination of the water, it is essential to remove the tarpaulin, it must not be reinstalled only after the chlorine level returns to normal.

In fact, the accumulation of chlorine reduces considerably the anti-UV effectiveness and leads to an alteration of the mechanical properties of polyethylene (component of the tarpaulin).

4) Protection of the tarpaulin, the reel and protective tarpaulin

The use of a reel facilitates storage of the tarpaulin.

When the cover is rolled up, it is essential to protect it with a protective tarpaulin.

This precaution must apply even when the storage time of the tarpaulin is considered short: the product anti UV is consumed as the tarpaulin is exposed.

Any unnecessary exposure reduces the lifespan of the material.

bache a bulle piscine

5) Storage

Avant de retirer la bâche à bulles piscine , il est nécessaire de rincer ses deux faces afin d'éviter l'accumulation de produits chimiques préjudiciables pour la couverture.

Once rinsed, the tarpaulin must be rolled up carefully, then stored away from the sun.

If the storage time is long, we recommend to let the tarpaulin dry before storing it: be careful, do not spread the tarpaulin on the lawn in full sun, it would very quickly toasted.

Otherwise, through condensation there is a risk of creating mold and the "bubbles" risk becoming fragile.

6) Retraction of the protective film| ||2194

La couche protectrice est fabriquée à partir de matières plastiques.

Plastic material, unlike metal, shrinks under the action of heat.

The Product is subject to dimensional variations (+/-1.5%) depending on temperature. Therefore a deviation in length and/or width of + or - 1.5% cannot give rise to a complaint. NFT standard 54-105-2.

The correct use of the swimming pool bubble cover helps reduce chlorine and energy consumption for heating and purify the water.

The swimming pool bubble cover is in no way a security protection. Do not walk on the tarpaulin or bathe when installed.