Les avantages de la piscine hors sol :

The above-ground swimming pool has many advantages. First, it is quick to assemble. You will not need a building permit if its surface area does not exceed 20 m². Which is rare with an above-ground swimming pool. In addition, these models are more and more aesthetic. The wooden swimming pool will be very beautiful in your garden.

We said it, no administrative hassle with an above-ground swimming pool. In fact, there is no building permit or work authorization to submit to your town hall. A real saving of time and comfort for you. And a swimming pool quickly set up for your family.

Whether your above-ground pool is made of wood, steel or tubular, you will inevitably find an inexpensive solution on our online store. But while having access to the best above-ground swimming pools on the market, guaranteed by more than 30 years of experience in the field.

An above-ground wooden swimming pool blends perfectly into your environment. Thus, its natural, Nordic side allows it to adapt to your garden. Whether you are looking for a small above-ground pool for your children, or a large one for the whole family, you will find what you are looking for in our store. In addition we offer you different shapes, octagonal or rectangular. Furthermore, you can even partially bury it to blend harmoniously into your exterior.

In addition, please note that it is important to protect your above-ground wooden swimming pool if it is buried or semi-buried. You will find on our site a very resistant polyethylene film which will allow you to make your above-ground swimming pool last over time, and at a low cost.

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In the same range, a Composite above-ground swimming pool is a guarantee of durability over time. Easy to assemble and very resistant, its anthracite color will make your pool a trendy and visually pleasing space.

Your inexpensive freestanding pool for your garden

If you are looking for an inexpensive above ground pool solution, purchasing a freestanding pool will be an excellent choice. Very easy to install, it will meet all the family's expectations. It is indeed a simple solution to be able to swim quickly when the sunny days arrive. As with an above-ground wooden swimming pool, you can choose from several sizes, with some models up to more than 7 meters in length. With a resistant liner, all you have to do is inflate the tube and fill your swimming area with water. We simply advise you to install it on a very flat surface, without rough edges (like sand for example). And fold it up for the winter for greater resistance over time. .



Our collection of above ground swimming pools:

This summer do you want to enjoy a swimming pool in your garden? Distripool is the specialist in the sale of above-ground swimming pools online. Discover our collection as well as the many advantages of these models.

On Distripool, you will have no difficulty finding the above-ground swimming pool that suits your garden and your family. Indeed, we have selected many high quality models at an unbeatable price.

For example, you can buy a freestanding swimming pool. It is an above-ground swimming pool in round or oval steel. Or also a beautiful wooden swimming pool. We also provide you with numerous accessories to make your pool more practical and pleasant.

The above-ground steel swimming pool is a very resistant metal structure. For a limited budget, you can make your purchase on our e-store and then install your pool very quickly. Round in shape, an above-ground galvanized steel swimming pool can be personalized with a decoration to suit your taste. Imitation stone, wood, or others, these decorations are interchangeable if you wish for each season. So, from one year to the next, your steel pool is unlike any other. And if you need to change your liner, you will find everything you need on our site.

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We provide all the equipment necessary for your comfort whatever the type of above ground pool you want. For example, the launching ladder. It will provide easy access to the aquatic area for the whole family. But for safety reasons, remember to remove it when the pool is not under your supervision to avoid any accident.

You can also add bubble covers for your above-ground pool. It is an inexpensive way to heat your pool or keep the water warm. In the same spirit, if you do not want to dismantle your above-ground equipment, you can purchase a winter cover. Practical and resistant, it will protect your water from leaves and insects. And will make your life easier when restarting your above-ground pool the following season.

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In addition, make your above-ground pool a real spa space for cheap! Our balneotherapy system allows you to transform your pool into a moment of high-end relaxation. Easy to put in place, you will never leave your swimming area again with this revolutionary high quality product made in Europe.

Finally you will find all the necessary equipment in addition to all this. Filtration groups, technical room, electrical box, we support you for the entire assembly of your above-ground swimming pool. Our materials are guaranteed and our delivery service is fast and efficient throughout France.

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