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The wooden garden pergola is one of the most popular charming assets for decorating your exteriors. In addition to its undeniable aesthetic, it creates a protected space that can be dedicated to different uses depending on how you dress it. Easy to install and designed to last, here's why you'll love your wooden garden pergola.

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Why choose wood for your garden pergola?

Wood represents the traditional building material, both natural and timeless. It blends harmoniously with your other building elements, whatever their style. Wood highlights your garden, patio, terrace or any other part of your exterior. You are then free to dress the upper part and/or the facades of your pergola to your taste to decorate it, but also to protect yourself from the sun and bad weather, as well as to create a separate space.

The ecological virtues of wood

We work with partners who care about the environment. The forests of Northern Europe from which the wood for our pergolas comes are managed with a long-term perspective and each cut tree is systematically replaced.

The choice of the Nordic regions constitutes a guarantee of quality. Due to the climatic characteristics, the wood grows slowly, which guarantees optimal mechanical properties and improves the natural behavior of the wood.

In addition, the wood is autoclaved using ecological products, containing neither chrome nor arsenic. It is soaked in an autoclave a sort of large pressure tube in order to be impregnated with a preservative product which protects it from climatic attacks, as well as insects and fungi. You therefore have the guarantee of durable, maintenance-free wood.

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Exceptional value for money

The wooden garden pergola is offered at the best price compared to other materials. You have light, but perfectly resistant elements. It is no coincidence that the frames of our houses are still made of wood.

Yourwooden pergola can be left raw, but you can also decide to varnish, stain or paint it to harmonize with your decor elements.

Solid wood or glued laminated wood?

Our range of garden pergolas is made up of two types of wood: solid wood orglued laminated wood. Solid wood comes from a log - felled tree trunk, delimbed and still covered with its bark - which will not undergo any gluing or assembly process. It therefore remains in its natural state. It has the advantage of having no discontinuity in the veining.

Glued laminated wood is a structural element obtained by joining putting it end to end to obtain the desired length and gluing strips of wood whose grain is slightly parallel. This process facilitates the manufacture of large pieces, while solid wood sometimes has cracks and curvatures. On the other hand, glued laminated wood comes from trees with a smaller diameter, which reduces the number of knots and other imperfections compared to solid wood. However, it may present discontinuities in the veining.

Glued laminated wood is therefore as high quality as solid wood. The difference between these two types mainly concerns aesthetics.

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How to dress your wooden garden pergola?

The covering of your wooden garden pergola aims to protect you from the sun, rain and wind, in addition to enhancing its aesthetics. You have several solutions, using various materials.

Vegetate your wooden pergola

Vegetating your wooden pergola offers you a natural decor, thanks to the choice of climbing plants which can cover it totally or partially depending on your choice. If your pergola is attached to your house, it seems preferable to turn to deciduous plants: they will cover it during the summer, but will fall during the winter and thus allow light to pass into your home.

Be careful not to choose plants that attract wasps or other insects that will spoil your peace. Also avoid plants whose smell quickly becomes overpowering. You can also combine business with pleasure by covering your wooden garden pergola with fruit species such as table vines or kiwis.

The only reservation to revegetation is the need to prune your climbing plants which quickly tend to become invasive. However, you only need to prune them once a year to have peace of mind.

Wicker, reed or bamboo canes

Thecanisseesin wicker, reed or bamboo are aesthetic, economical and very simple to install. They offer pleasant shade, while allowing air to pass through. If you do not want to change them too often, you must remove them during the winter to protect them from humidity and wind which deteriorate them quickly.

The stretched canvas

You have the choice between different materials for the stretched canvas that you attach to your wooden pergola:

- polyester: economical, it resists mold and tearing, on the other hand, it is sensitive to the sun;
- cotton: natural, breathable and economical, it must be removed in winter, because it fears humidity and develops irrecoverable mold;
- the cotton and polyester blend is a good compromise, because it has good resistance to humidity and does not mold.

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The retractable canvas

Rather than choosing a stretched canvas whose covering surface you cannot adjust, the retractable canvas allows you to unfold or fold it as you wish. You thus adapt to the weather according to the season and the time of day. The folding-unfolding system can be manual or motorized.

Polyester or PVC plates

Polyester or PVC sheets provide perfect waterproofing which allows you to shelter from rain and wind. You have the choice of colors, as well as their degree of transparency to let more or less light through. However, their durability is not optimal, which requires you to change them regularly.

Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets have the same purpose as those made of polyester or PVC. Their significantly higher cost is justified by their excellent resistance over time.

What are the advantages of the wooden garden pergola?

The wooden garden pergola is available in various shapes and sizes. It can be independent or supported on one of your walls.

A cool space to protect you from the sun and bad weather

The wooden garden pergola offers you shelter in all seasons depending on the covering you choose. You are protected from the sun and extreme heat, as well as from showers which could disrupt your lunches and dinners outside.

The enhancement of your exteriors

The wooden garden pergola is popular for its aesthetic appearance. It enhances your exteriors at the same time as you take advantage of its shelter to eat your meals, laze around the pool, organize parties, read quietly, isolate yourself for your yoga or meditation session, work in a pleasant environment

The wooden garden pergola provides an ideal support on which you attach decorations and lighting for your dinners and convivial evenings.

It can also be used to shelter your vehicles, garden tools, mower We invite you to browse the sheets of our different models of wooden garden pergola, in order to select the model.

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