Piscine hors sol ovale

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The oval steel above-ground swimming pool has a rigid metal structure (galvanized steel). This type of swimming pool has the advantage to be easy to install and to have a good quality/price ratio. In this section, find our models of oval shaped steel swimming pools. They are available in different sizes and colors.

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The oval steel swimming pool is an ideal solution if you want to have a large swimming pool with a rigid structure, easy to install, good value for money. Focus on the advantages of this type of pool.

The oval steel swimming pool: good value for money

Steel above ground pools are the least expensive of the rigid wall above ground pools. At Distripool, we offer you oval models starting from 979 euros. A lower price than that of an above-ground wooden swimming pool of the same dimensions. Designed to stay in your garden all year round, the oval steel swimming pool is very resistant. Galvanized steel is specially treated to prevent corrosion. The structure, liner and filtration system of our models are guaranteed for 2 years. The oval steel swimming pool also allows you to have a big pool. It therefore offers good value for money and is a good alternative for anyone who want to have a “hard” swimming pool, at a lower cost.

Note: the white wall of your oval steel swimming pool can be personalized with a coating (appearance wood, stone look, fence look). This allows the pool to fully integrate into your exterior.

The oval steel swimming pool: an easy to install pool

An oval steel swimming pool is also easy and quick to install. It is sold as a kit, with all the material
necessary for its installation. To mount it, simply attach the metal roller (the wall) to an oval shaped rail
and close it with screws. Next, you need to cover the pool wall and the floor with a liner and fix it. The
parts to be sealed (skimmer, discharge nozzle, etc.) must be installed in pre-cut locations.
Finally, posts and profiles must be mounted to hold the entire structure together.

Do not hesitate to contact the experts at Distripool, if you need more information or advice on
above ground swimming pools in oval steel.