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Having a swimming pool in your garden is excellent for your health, because it makes it very easy to do sports: swimming, but also water cycling! Cycling in your swimming pool is possible! Do you like swimming and cycling? Thanks to the Aquabike, you will be able to have fun by mixing these 2 activities! The water bike is specially designed to be installed in the swimming pool: it is even more physical than cycling on dry land and yet you will have the impression that it is much easier. If you are sporty and you like to discover new sensations, we really invite you to discover this sport, which has been very trendy for several years!

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Find out more about Aquabike! We invite you to discover our water bikes as well as our Aquabike accessories! Of course, if you have any questions about this equipment, simply contact our customer service. We are here to answer all the questions you have and to advise you on the model that best suits you. Call us on 04 11 93 04 06!

The guide: Swimming pool bike and aquabike

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Here is an interview with Isabelle Humbersot Waterflex Manager:

"Bicycle and aquabike are evolving, Waterflex too To always meet your expectations, our pool bike collections are evolving, with new sports accessories, and ever more cutting-edge models. Innovating is the heart of our strategy. We are pleased to introduce you to new concepts. truly unique, for you Professionals Because swimming pool entertainment remains a major issue in 2019, we support you in your projects, we advise you and offer training to successfully launch your new activities. Because we are certain of our products, we are revealing the results of studies carried out by an independent organization specializing in the analysis of sports energy consumption. These results will allow you to choose the bike that suits you! |1393

Presentation of the WaterFlex aquabike collection?

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A premium range for the most demanding.Inspired by competition bikes, this Inobike aquabike rangeadopts very advancedaquatic gear lever technology. Designed to increase your sensations withunrivaled pedaling fluidity, this range provides yourobustness and superior performance duringyour training. Dose and personalize your resistancesimple, precise and very effective.This range combines design, power and technologicalinnovation to help you get back into shape..

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3 very versatile aquabikes with a vibrant look.Designed for various uses: wellnessrehabilitation - fitness, these 3 versions offer differentresistances adapted to each person's needs. You cancombine cardio training with muscle strengthening, with guaranteed comfort. Discover the great modularityof the WR settings which allows you to adapt the aquabike to thedepth of your pool as well as to your body shape.

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Its structure in Anodized aluminum allows it to weigha featherweight of 10 kg, ideal for entrances and exits topools, while ensuring great stability withses larges pieds et ses ventouses en silicones. Les multiple adjustments of the feet, saddle and handlebars,as well as its variable resistance pedals make themresolutely versatile.

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Are you still hesitant about choosing your bike? Here is a comparison table of the bikes in the Waterflex range. We compare everything: Objectives, for whom? resistance, calories consumed, accessories, options....



How to choose the right pool bike?

Here is a table that allows you to determine your optimum bike. Firstly, you must ask yourself the question in which context you wish to use your bike: Individuals, hotels, spas, physiotherapy, Thalasso, group lessons etc...Then you must know the level of effort that you want to produce in the water.


The benefits of aquabike on the body  

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