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Leader on the global swimming pool equipment market, Zodiac has a great history, tinged with success, experience, and innovation. Originally French, it symbolizes know-how, skill and an adventurous spirit like no other brand today

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Zodiac swimming pool: A company with 120 years of history: History

Zodiac is more than 120 of History in the nautical world. Initially a specialist in airships and airplanes, Zodiac focused on inflatable boats from the 1930s. Firstly for military transport, then from the 1960s in the world of leisure inflatables. Its worldwide fame is of course initially driven by its famous boat dedicated to pleasure.

As an annex to a sailboat, as a main tool for diving centers, or for a family trip, Zodiac has developed products famous all over the planet over the years. Thus, for more than a century, it has been an innovative company, demanding in the quality that it wishes to offer to their customers.

In the 2000s, Zodiac became a specialist in the swimming pool world with its Zodiac Marine and Pool division. In addition to its nautical activities, Zodiac always develops products dedicated to the world of individual swimming with the same high quality standards. But in reality Zodiac has been working in this sector since 1998.

In 2018, Zodiac continued its development in the swimming pool world by merging with Fluidra. The latter are undisputed leaders with brands like Astralpool,Polaris, and are present in 45 countries. It is thus two leaders who come together to offer the best possible products with constant innovation. While maintaining high-end quality of service, and a pioneering spirit in keeping with Zodiac’s tradition. Not only with robots. Many accessories are in the range of this major brand. And their ability to file a large number of patents (several hundred) makes them a clear leader today.


Discover our selection of Zodiac swimming pool accessories

If we have chosen to offer you products for the Zodiac swimming pool, it is because we are certain of their quality, and that we find ourselves in their values. The Zodiac swimming pool catalog is constantly evolving. With over 50 products already available. We have made a selection to offer you solutions to all your needs.

In fact, you will find in the Distripool catalog, firstly, theZodiac swimming pool robots. And this for all budgets.

Cleaning your nautical space can sometimes be long and tedious. This is why Zodiac's main credo is above all comfort of use coupled with performance. To make your life easier and save time for well-being.

First of all, hydraulic robots guarantee you optimal quality at low prices. Some are dedicated to above-ground pools, others to in-ground pools. Zodiac pool robots also adapt to all types of pool shapes. But also covering to enjoy a clean swimming area for the whole family. You will simply need to choose the hydraulic robot adapted to the dimensions of your space.

Then the Zodiac electric swimming pool robots are powerful and efficient models. With perfect autonomy, they are capable of cleaning the walls and bottom of your pool and the water line while maintaining certain ease of handling. With a limited weight, they are suitable for everyone. Here too Zodiac innovates widely, notably with patented cyclonic suction systems for even more efficient suction. And you can even choose a model with a remote control to remotely control your robot without the slightest effort. Finally, note that these robots are guaranteed for 2 years.

Secondly, you can discover our range ofZodiac swimming pool electrolyzer at reduced prices in the catalog of our online store. Very easy to install, no major plumbing skills required. With automatic regulation of salt level and requirements, the water quality in your swimming pool is optimal. Titanium and self-cleaning electrodes, control screen, precise programming, balancing chlorine production becomes child's play. While also benefiting from a high-end Zodiac product with a 2-year warranty.

In conclusion, purchasing Zodiac swimming pool equipment means choosing quality, innovation, high standards, and the experience of several dozen years. While protecting your budget.